Desmodur® - RF-E
desmodur rfe
 If you do any amount of glue work using a 2-part adhesive system, there's a good chance you are already using Desmodur® RF-E as a hardener / accelerator.

"Officially" classified as a "cross-linker", Desmodur binds the adhesive's molecules into larger units, thereby increasing strength & greatly decreasing set-up time.

Vulcanizing is a form of cross-linking, though by using this type of chemical cross-linker as a "vulcanizing agent", setup and cure times can be reduced from hours to mere minutes.

Both natural and synthetic rubber adhesives are prime candidates for accelerating through the use of a cross-linker like Desmodur RFE.
Many types of "plain" glues can be greatly enhanced by the use of Desmodur RFE.

Lacking a full scale chemical engineering department, you can always do your own trial and error testing on the types of materials that you are commonly gluing.
Your mileage may no doubt vary, and it's best to consult your adhesive manufacturer to see if Desmodur is compatible with the glues you are using.

If you are currently using a hardener or accelerator, have a look at your MSDS or Technical Data Sheets.
There's a good chance that you may already be using Desmodur RFE.

Desmodur RFE is available from 1 ounce bottles to 1 liter bottles/cans.
Send email for current pricing. Please specify desired amount & quantity.
Current retail pricing for a 1 oz. bottle is $16.

DESMODUR RFE Product Information:
Material Safety Data Sheet pdficon_small.gif (MSDS)
Technical Data Sheet pdficon_small.gif


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